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Excellent results for the transportation and logistics companies in ENNA Group

With our expertise, professional teams and facilities we have successfully increased our share in the cargo transport by rail and we continue to grow year after year


The companies that make up the transport and logistics segment of the ENNA Group, ENNA Logic and ENNA Transport continue their excellent performance. In the North area of operations that comprises continental Croatia and the Rijeka area, we had 30.4 percent more fully booked cargo transports by rail in 2020 compared to 2019. In the intermodal transport segment, which concerns the statistics of containers transported during one year, the growth was 30.2 percent. The highest volume concerns the transportation of grains, ores and container transport. During 2020, ENNA Transport used 4,540 cargo trains, 4,441 on international routes and 99 on local routes. The company objectives include increasing its share in the Croatian market, improving the standards of transportation and communication with the end user of our services. ENNA Transport and ENNA Logic have been working on employing the maximum potential of ENNA Group and Croatian maritime ports, increasing the volumes in intermodal transportation and optimizing the available transportation systems.

As is the case with all companies that make up the Energia Naturalis system, we have made all the efforts to foster successful and stable working relations with our partners in the transport and logistics segment of our business. Recently we signed a long-term contract with INA. We have also continued to partner with the largest companies operating in the region, including Maersk A/S, the global leader in the shipping business, the leading Italian company Ferest Rail s.r.l., the Public Railway of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Petrokemija, ELL Germany GmbH, Skinest Adriatica, and many others.

Our colleagues from the ENNA Logic and ENNA Transport teams say that they continue to work on increasing our share in the market, on expanding our business to other markets, advancing the market for railway transport and logistics services, adding that Covid-19 has not interfered in a significant way with their business plans. Despite problems in some areas in Croatia, both companies have been successful in maintaining and affirming their position and stability in the market.

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