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PPD’s 20th Anniversary

This year, PPD is marking its twentieth anniversary. The anniversary celebrations will include three separate events.


Vukovar, Zagreb – 15 May 2021

VukovArt art festival has just started in Vukovar. VukovArt is a fantastic street art festival that presents the work of some of the best street artists in the world. This year, the festival will also feature great concerts, a bicycle parade, many different workshops and other interesting events. Once again, the PPD will serve as the festival’s main sponsor. The many interesting events planned to take place during the next month will be our gift to the city of Vukovar and the people of Vukovar on the occasion of our twentieth anniversary. You are all cordially invited to visit this year’s VukovArt, a festival that offers a broad selection of top performances and events.

The other segment of our anniversary celebrations includes education on energy efficiency. Working together with Lijepa Naša Association and a network of 300 Croatian schools with an ecological curriculum, we have organized a competition for students of elementary and secondary schools. We have called this competition “Save energy, energy is precious!” We have invited the children to draw, paint or write messages, funny stories, riddles or jokes that all have to do with energy efficiency. The theme is energy efficiency and tips on energy saving. Even though it may seem like a complex matter, energy efficiency is really very simple: we just need to learn and adopt new habits. Turn off the light when you leave the room, pull the shades when it gets dark to keep the warmth in the room. Remove the cable for your phone or laptop charger from the socket when your appliance has charged, to save energy. When you open the refrigerator, close the door quickly to save the energy it needs for refrigerating. These are all simple tips to become more energy efficient. We are sure you have all been in a position to remind your family of some of these good tips. The chief objective of the competition was to encourage children to offer energy saving tips in a way which will be funny and amusing, by telling a story or drawing a picture. It was a game, because games are the best way to learn things! To help encourage the students to participate in our competition, we asked Luka Bulić to help. He wrote the lyrics and music for a special song that will help us promote the project. The jury will select the three most successful contributions in each of the three categories of the competition. The awards are intended both for the student and the student’s school, as we want our schools to teach ecologically and economically important ideas.

The third part of the anniversary celebrations is going to take part in September, but we have been working hard to prepare it for months. In September, we are planning an event in the region of Sisak, if the epidemiological situation allows. This part of the project has been developed by PPD and the Novo Sutra Foundation. With the help of social care centres in Sisak, Petrinja and Glina, and the home for children without parental care in Sisak, we have been able to identify 50 children we will continue to sponsor for the next ten years. We will try to help them with stipends, summer vacations, excursions, pay for their driving licence etc. We have selected this model of support because we prefer to give money to the children rather than invest in building facilities, just as we have done with stipends for students supported by the Novo Sutra Foundation.

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