Our strength

We at PPD and in the entire Energia Naturalis Group believe that the success of a company rests firmly on its employees, their approach to work and their satisfaction with their work environment.

This is why our recruitment policy and our relationship towards our employees rest on the principles of creating high-quality team relationships, as well as encouraging the individual qualities and creativity of employees.

We have brought together a young, driving, highly trained and highly motivated team made up of:

  • 36% women and 64% men
  • Almost 60% university trained employees, over 40 % of whom are engineers
  • The average age in the Energia Naturalis group is 36

We are one of the rare Croatian companies that have an equal number of men and women in the top management. Half of our Board of Directors are women, and the successes of our companies are in fact the result of work by mixed teams in what is almost exclusively considered to be “man’s work”.

  • Start your day in the warmth and security of home.
  • Responsible use of natural resources leave the legacy of a clean environment and the awareness that we are an integral part of the circle of life.
  • Keep the curiosity, innovation, learning and work passionately. Build success on honesty, responsibility and respect.
  • Identify potential and support him, help the defenseless and weak, encourage changes and small steps to change the world - today.
These are ways in which we want to improve the daily life!